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One thought on “The Big Lunch

  • Miss Mary Harrison

    Dear Friends of High Town
    Sam Willis delivered notices of the picnic and High Town in Bloom this morning. What excellent ideas!
    I usually email details of High Town events to our 71 flats but, this time, we’ll also put the picnic info on Notice boards and deliver to families with young children. One tiny thing – some of our residents may not know where People’s Park is! A mention of Havelock Road with post code? I’ll do this in my email shot.
    For High Town in Bloom, our gardens are very untidy at present but we now have an enthusiastic gardener who is making excellent. headway! I’ve spoken to him and directors and we’ve decided to wait until next year to participate – please repeat! Our individual balconies are also lacking in foliage but my hope is that, in early spring 2020, we can encourage people to plant in preparation for the competition. It would surely be worth doing even without the competition!
    Hoping that events go well – hopefully we shall get feedback from the picnic.
    Best wishes
    PS There is a nasty looking red triangle with ! in front of your web address!
    Mary Harrison
    The Larches (Luton) Limited