High Town litter pick

On Saturday 17th September a group of High Town residents and others got together for a litter pick and rubbish clean-up of High Town ward. Armed with litter pickers kindly lent to us by Signposts and rubbish sacks from Luton Borough Council, we cleared streets including High Town Road, Burr Street Car Park, The Paths Estate, Crescent Road and many others. We also made a point of reporting flytipping and larger collections of rubbish that council staff collected on the day.

It was great to see how a couple of hours work could make a difference to the look of the area and how it gave a sense of pride to those of us taking part. And not just those taking part, as a local resident who had seen us sent an email saying: “I was very impressed to see a good job made especially around the Paths where I live and would like to get involved in any future clean ups.”

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