Welcome to the new Friends of High Town website

Why the change?

We wanted to make it easier for you to find out about Friends of High Town and for us to provide you with up-to-date information online.

So what’s new?

  • It’s easy to find details on upcoming Events and meetings
  • There’s a dedicated News section, with the latest articles about FoHT and High Town highlighted on the front page.
  • We now have a mailing list and you can subscribe on most pages, for example Join us.
  • Our most recent Facebook posts are at the bottom of every page, so you can be sure not to miss the latest updates.
  • The new Friends of High Town logo makes the group’s full name clearer.
  • You can read about FoHT’s aims on the About page, and find out how to Join us.
  • The text is black-on-white, which makes it easier to read for people with visual impairments.
  • The Meeting minutes section lets you catch up on discussions at FoHT.
  • To get in touch with us, there’s a new Contact us page, too.
  • More photos (including of your lovely committee), so you can see what we are about and what we do

Thanks go to our Media & Marketing Officer, Luke Middleton, and to FoHT member (and web content guru) Konni Deppe for making it all happen. We hope you agree they did a great job.

The website was previously designed and hosted for free by Leeroy Jenkins and his Next Up Local team in Luton, and FoHT would also like to thank them for their generosity and support over the last five years.

Ultimately, we wanted to make it easier for you to find out more about what Friends of High Town does, so please let us know what you think.

David Landau

Chair, Friends of High Town

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