High Town Improvement Action Group

High Town Improvement Action Group (HTIAG) is a sub-group committed to reporting and resolving the issues that make life in High Town that little less welcoming. Fly-Tipping, Littering, Parking, Crime & Disorder, or just anti-social behaviours etc etc.

By tackling these issues together, we support the key aims of Friends of High Town to conserve and enhance the quality of life, foster pride in our local area and create a strong sense of community.


Monthly public meeting

We meet first Thursday of the month, from 9-11 am at Hightown community sports and arts centre, Concorde St, LU2 0JD. Meetings are open to everybody and often include one of your local councillors!

To see our upcoming meeting dates and events, visit Events and meetings

Agenda for the next meeting can be downloaded From here [PDF]


Past meeting minutes

For past minutes, see below. The latest will always be at the top.

2017 meeting minutes

Aug 2017 minutes [PDF]
July 2017 minutes [PDF]
June 2017 minutes [PDF]
May 2017 minutes [PDF]
March 2017 minutes [PDF]